CIS Students Visit Locally Based National Software Company

    This winter students from the Computer Information Systems program visited Jack Henry & Associates Springfield office.  Jack Henry and Associates is a nationwide company that provides software and data support for their customers in the financial services industry such as online banking.  During the visit students were provided information on future internship opportunities and provided career planning information from the Internship Recruitment Coordinator.  Students were then given a tour of a server farm – where large banks of servers are operated that provide some of the cloud data available for Jack Henry’s operations.  The facility is notable in that it contains a raised floor ventilation system as well as virtualized servers.  CIS students attending the field trip are pictured from left: Jordin Pratt, Sam Foster, Zane Tindle, Austin Rife (back row); Tyler Terrell, Matt Pelton, Jordan Wilson, and J.C. McKlemurry (front row).

    Students Pictured at Jack Henry












    CIS Students Install Central Processing Unit 

    students working on pc

    During CIS class on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 CIS I students completed the installation of the Central Processing Unit - the most powerful computer chip and basically the brains of the computing workstation.  Pictured above left are students Tyler Terrell (Halfway High School) and Jordan Wilson (Hermitage High School).  Picture lower left are students Jordin Pratt and Matt Pelton (Buffalo High School). 

      students work on computers

    CIS Students Receive Technical Assessments

    assessments The following students successfully completed a Technical Skill Assessment - a summative exam related to the I.T. field.  3 students received TestOut PC Pro Certification and 1 student received Skills USA I.T. Services Certificate.  Pictured at left are Michael York, Josh Breithaupt, and Tim French.