Pruitt Miller

Pruitt Miller, Exceptional Educator Inducted 2015

  • Mr. Pruitt Miller, exemplified the phrase Bison pride. He was protective of his school and treated it as his own. He was very proud of his school. Mr. Miller grew up on his family's farm in Elkland, Missouri area. He actually did not graduate from high school. During his senior year, he was drafted, quit school, and entered the Marines. When the war was over, Mr. Miller returned home. He wanted to go to college but he didn't have any money and didn't get admitted to Missouri State Teachers College, known today as Missouri State University. So, Mr. Miller wrote a letter to President Harry S. Truman sharing his desire to attend college. Somehow that letter made its way to Missouri State Teachers College and he was admitted under the GI Bill. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree. He began his education career as a teacher, coach, and principal of Charity School. After 19 years at Charity, he became the principal of Mallory Elementary. Serving in this role for 26 years, he must have been reluctant to hand it over to someone else. He wanted the students to succeed and do their best, and his teachers. He was good to his staff and took care of his faculty. He expected loyalty tot the school and to himself. He retired in 1993, after 45 years as a Dallas County Educator. Mr. Miller served in many leadership roles in educational organizations. He was very active in his free time with the American Lung Association. Mr. Miller also took pride in many hobbies including woodworking, bee keeping, hunting, gardening an tending to his purple martin houses. Many hold find memories of the time Mr. Miller was their principal and miss him since his passing in 2012. Mr. Miller's wife Viola, also did all of her teaching in the Dallas County School District. They shared many memories during their marriage of 62 years, raising two children, Marilyn and Curtis, in the Dallas County Schools.