• DCR1 Staff members are required to complete annual training. Teacher, paras, administrators, school nurses, counselors and some substitutes should have received an email to complete training topics for Suicide Awareness and Prevention; Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation; Bullying Awarness and Prevention; and Child Abuse and Neglect and Mandated Reporting, from Michael Grissom, Missouri School Board Association. Please complete these trainings on the MSBA website. A weblink and log in information is included in the email.

    Staff members are also required to complete annual training topics for Food Allergy Basics, Bloodborn Pathogens, and Student Information Confidentiality.  This training was made available to staff members with a school email address through the CANVAS program, in the Welcome Back to DCR1 Course. If you are having trouble accessing the assignments in CANVAS or you are a substitute teacher who needs to complete the training, you can access the PowerPoint trainings in this section. Upon completion of the trainings, you must email debby.dryer@bisonpride.org a statement indicating your have completed the training. You may send one email which includes all three statements. If you have questions, you may email Debby Dryer or call her at 417-345-2222. Thank you for completing the training.