• On April 2, 2019, the Dallas County R-I School District will be asking voters to approve a Lease Purchase Bond Issue. This issue will be to fund the construction of a new Dallas County Technical Center (DCTC) which will include Agriculture classrooms and shop spaces. If the voters approve this 46 cent per $100 of assessed value 25-year levy it will allow the district to construct, acquire, furnish, and equip this new facility on our high school campus.  If approved by the voters, these monies can only be used for the new Technical Center and cannot be used for any other district purpose, and this levy would expire in 25 years or whenever this building is paid off (whichever comes first).

    Concerns Regarding DCTC and AG Buildings

    1. DCTC Foundation deterioration
    2. DCTC Sewage System
    3. DCTC and AG Building Electrical System
    4. DCTC Roofs
    5. DCTC and AG Building Plumbing
    6. DCTC and AG Asbestos Abatement
    7. DCTC and AG heating and air systems concerns

    Educational Rationale

    1. Moving the current DCTC to the high school will allow more students to take career and technical coursework because they will not need to travel to Louisburg
    2. Students will be able to access career and technical coursework hourly and to explore more career options

    Ballot Language

    Shall the Board of Education of Dallas County R-I School District be authorized to increase the operating tax levy by forty-six cents ($0.46) per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation to construct, acquire, furnish and equip a new technology center/agricultural facility, such increase to expire in 2044? If this question is approved, the adjusted operating levy of the District is estimated to be $3.81 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

     District Improvements

    Four years ago the Dallas County R-I School District set three primary goals.  The district has made remarkable progress in each of these areas and will continue to the extent that it is financially feasible.  The progress in these areas will continue in the future as promised.  The goals are as follows: 

    1. Increase student achievement to be competitive with area and comparable school districts and to allow our students to work to their potential.
    2. Increase faculty and staff salaries and wages to become competitive with area and comparable school districts.
    3. Improve our district facilities to be able to provide necessary programs and opportunities for our students. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Why don’t we just fix the existing buildings?

    1. Both DCTC and our AG Building have significant structural and mechanical issues. In addition, because of the age of these buildings, there is significant asbestos in the walls and flooring.  This makes renovation difficult if not cost prohibitive. 
    2. The overall amount of mechanical and structural conditions that need to be improved make rebuilding the current buildings on their current site nearly as expensive as building a new structure.
    3. For rebuilding on the current sites to occur, the existing buildings would need to be torn down. This would leave no place for these courses to be taught while they are rebuilt.  This rebuilding would take 2 full school years.
    4. The educational opportunities for our students are much greater when the programs exist on our high school campus because they will not lose instructional time for travel.

    Are there any Federal or State grant monies available to help pay for new construction or repairs?
    There are no state or federal grants available to pay for the construction of career and technical program facilities.

    Will our current sending schools continue to send to Dallas County Technical Center?
    Yes, each of our seven sending schools has indicated that they will continue to send students to our DCTC programs if the facility is relocated in Buffalo.  Some of the schools have indicated that they would anticipate more of their students would be interested in DCTC programs if they were located in Buffalo in a new building.

    What will happen if this ballot issue does not pass?
    We cannot fund the repairs necessary to keep the current DCTC and AG buildings open for much longer.  Any single one of many structural or mechanical systems could fail at any time.  Any one of these structural or systems failures would cost $500,000 to $750,000 to repair alone, and the district cannot currently afford that large of a repair. The needed repairs are far too great with our current funding.  Unfortunately, the failure of this ballot issue would eventually force us to close programs when one of the major structural or mechanical systems fails in those facilities.

    The district refaced the high school exterior, refurbished a new central office, and is building a track.  Why can’t the district pay for a new DCTC?
    The high school exterior, the central office, and the track each cost less than $1.5 million, and the district saved money to be able to pay for those projects at different times.  The cost of a new DCTC is currently $11.5 million, and by the time we saved the funds to build the building the cost would be double this amount.  Saving for this building is not feasible, nor will the current buildings last until such time.

    Where can I see the proposed plans for the new construction projects?
    Plans, diagrams, and explanations of the proposed new facilities are on the school website at www.bisonpride.org., or for more information call the district office at 345-2222.

    Is it true that our taxes are already higher than other districts in our area?
    No, that is not true.  On our website we have a comparison of school districts in our current conference, our former conference, and area school districts.  Our tax levy in Dallas County R-I is $0.49 lower than the average levy of those school districts.

    Could the money obtained from the approval of this ballot issue be used to hire new employees, give raises to school employees, or to improve other buildings in the district?
    No, by law the proceeds from the passage of this ballot issue can only be used for what is actually stated in the ballot language.  The money can only be used “to construct, acquire, furnish, and equip a new technology center/agriculture facility” as stated on the ballot.