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    Mallory Elementary keeps a student activity account to help with costs that are not otherwise in the budget. In the past, this money has been used to purchase capes for the kindergarten students, who learned all of their site words, ceiling fans for the cafeteria, bringing a science dome to school for the all of the children to see and personal items such as when a child loses their clothes due to a fire or other disaster.

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    Collect the Box Tops label from products (mostly food). That's all. Put them in an envelope or baggie and drop them off at the elementary school.  We will collect them then once or twice a year, and we send them in for cash. Typically, we are able to collect between 6 and 8 hundred dollars per year (sometimes more).

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    If you shop at King Cash Saver, please save the receipts, collect them and bring them to the school. Once a year, King Cash Saver gives us 1% of the total (less tax). This has helped to raise a few hundred dollars for our students at Mallory.