• Employment in the Graphic Design field is extremely diverse. Many designers are self-employed or freelance their work through the internet. Careers include, but are not limited to, Floral Design, Culinary Arts,  Photography, Marketing and Ad Design Executives, based on the level of education obtained. Because of the diversity of the industry there are great opportunities for employment for individuals possessing the skills obtained in this course. Depending on the area and nature of work salaries range between $32,000 – $85,000 per year.

    Related Occupations:

    Typesetter Marketing managers*
    Design Layout* Advertising*
    Press Operations* Editors*
    Sign Making Public Relations*
    Web Design* Industrial Designers*
    Photographer* Drafters*
    Videography* Broadcast Journalism*
    *more training require


    Missouri: $49,410
    National: $53,280