• Growing Up with Rural Schools Leadership
    This video features a presentation by Dr. Arthur Mallory, a graduate of Buffalo High School.  Dr. Mallory was the son of former Superintendent Mr. Dillard A. Mallory who is a member of the Dallas County R-I Schools Hall of Fame.  This presentation was made at the Thomasville Rural Schools Summit in Thomasville, Missouri on May 2, 2013.  Dr. Mallory is a former teacher, President of Missouri State University, and Missouri Commissioner of  Elementary and Secondary Education.  The name of the presentation is "Growing Up with Rural Schools Leadership" where Dr. Mallory talks about the leadership of his father and the history of consolidation of the Dallas County R-I School District.  The summitt was hosted by the Rural Schools Partnership and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.  For a brief biography of Dillard A. Mallory please visit About Us-DCR1 Hall of Fame Website.  (approximately 32 minutes)