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Eva Marie Glor

Eva Marie Glor

Eva Marie Glor, Exceptional Educator Inducted 2016

Mrs. Glor began her educational career teaching second grade at Tunas Consolidated School Number 11 for four years. She then taught remedial reading and special education for 8 years in the Macks Creek School District before teaching special education at Buffalo, at Mallory Elementary for 9 years. When Elementary Principal Pruitt Miller asked her to become the first elementary counselor in the Dallas County School District, she filled this role for 22 years at Mallory and Long Lane Elementary Schools.  She wrote her own counseling curriculum and implemented related services. Her service as an exceptional educator totaled 43 years, 31 of them in the Dallas County School District, before her retirement in 1993.

 As a young child, Mrs. Glor wasn’t going to go to school. She needed to stay home to take care of her cats and dogs, as she declared to her parents. She didn’t want to write her name or count. Why did she need to write her name or count, because she wasn’t going to go to school. Her parents were worried. But as the first day of school drew near, Eva Marie was so excited for that first day of school.  She could hardly wait. Her mother made her a Shirley Temple dress from polka dot fabric and her dad drove her to the bus stop on the first day. After the first day she would walk a mile to her bus stop. She attended all 12 years at the Tunas Consolidated School and graduated in 1948. She then attended Missouri State University earning her Bachelor’s Degree in education and then her Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Missouri Columbia. During her teaching in the Dallas County School District, she completed her counselor certification.

She spent many summers traveling to places such as, Europe and Old Mexico. She loved experiencing the different cultures. During a summer study tour to Europe, which focused on comparative education, she stayed with an elder lady who did not have a family. This was a great experience that allowed her a good taste of the European culture.

As a counselor she saw the many challenges students face. Her children fondly remember riding with her to deliver food, clothing, and support to children and their families.  As a second grade teacher, Mrs. Glor remembers teaching Roman numerals. She had one little boy who was so excited and dashed into the classroom to ask Mrs. Glor when they would start their lesson on Roman Noodles. 

Mrs. Glor has participated in many community service and professional organizations including being a past member and president of the Council for Exceptional Children, current membership in Delta Kappa Gamma International, Phi Delta Kappa, Missouri Retired Teacher Association, and many, many more.  During her teaching career she was active in the local Parent Teachers Association and Missouri State Teachers Association, as well as the local CTA, fostering a positive relationship with parents, teachers, and students.

Her family includes her two children Evonne and husband Larry Nutter, of Springfield and their two sons, Broc and Drake Wolfe; and her son John and his wife Maya Glor of Anchorage, Alaska and their daughter Himali. Evonne also shares her mother’s love for education, teaching in Springfield Public Schools, while John serves as a police officer.

Mrs. Glor’s exception career as an educator has left a positive impression on so many past students, as well as her own children. She has been a fine example of service and dedication to children and the community.