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Lonnie G. and Myra Glor

Lonnie and Myra Glor photo

Lonnie G. and Myra Glor, Exceptional Educators Inducted 2019

Many of you will have fond memories of days spent in these two exceptional educators’ classrooms, Lonnie and Myra Glor. Mr. and Mrs. Glor began their teaching careers in the Dallas County School District in 1975, returning to teach in the school district they graduated from in 1966. After Lonnie and Myra graduated from Southwest Missouri State College, now known as Missouri State University and were married in 1970, Lonnie entered the United States Army serving in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri; Fort Hood, TX; Saigon, Vietnam; and Ft. Des Moines, Iowa through 1974. Mr. Glor enjoyed his time in the military receiving a Commendation Medal for service in Vietnam, Joint Service Commendation for service in Ft. Des Moines, Iowa, and nominated for Enlisted Man of the Year in 1974.

While Lonnie was in the United States Army, Myra taught in Versailles, Missouri; substitute taught in DeSoto, Missouri and was a paraprofessional in Albia, Iowa, as well as worked at Sears in Des Moines, Iowa before the two moved back to Dallas County in 1975.

 After receiving a call from Superintendent Mallory that he had a job for Mr. Glor in Buffalo and probably would have a job for Mrs. Glor also, they began teaching in the Dallas County School District.  Mr. Glor began teaching at Mallory Elementary as “art on a cart” moving from classroom to classroom in the mornings, then one period of art class at the junior high and one period at the high school. After Mrs. Buchanan retired, Mr. Glor began teaching art full-time at the high school. Mrs. Glor began teaching history subjects including Sociology, Psychology, World History, and American History. She had valued the impact Mrs. Grant had made on her during her school days, making history interesting, and how Ms. Grant effectively handled discipline incidents in her classroom. They recall the frequent high school assemblies held by Superintendent Mallory directing students to be productive citizens and his always positive nature to build up the students’ confidence and reach for higher goals. 

Myra started the Buffalo High School chapter of the National Honor Society after Principal Floyd Willis came to her with the request. She served as a class sponsor, pep club sponsor, and cheerleading sponsor. She was a member and served in leadership roles of several professional organizations such as the Professional Development Committee, state and local Missouri State Teachers Associations, and served as the history department chairperson. Mr. Glor also participated in many professional organizations including state and local Missouri State Teachers Association, and DCR1 Career Ladder Committee. He served as the Art Club sponsor, and Yearbook Staff sponsor.  After 27 years of teaching in the Dallas County School District, the Glors retired in 2002. 

More recently, Mrs. Glor participates in Missouri Retired Teachers Association and served on the Dallas County School District Board of Education for 12 years, including serving as President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  She also worked in the Primetime after school program and was a member of the Believe in Our Kids Campaign.  Mr. Glor currently participates in the Missouri Retired Teacher Association, served on the Believe In Our Kids Committee, and donated his time to draw architectural plans for the school district administration office. 

Mr. and Mrs. Glory have also been members of the First Christian Church; Myra serving as a deaconess, teaching Sunday School, and helping decorate the sanctuary for holidays and events; Lonnie serving as a deacon, elder, member of the choir, and decorating the church sanctuary for holidays and events. They are currently active members of Calvary Chapel. Myra works with the church commodities program and decorates the church each holiday season. Lonnie also works with the church commodities program and has donated his time to create architectural plans for church projects, as well as creating the beautiful stained glass windows for the church which earned him a letter of commendation from the governor. Since retiring from DCR1, Lonnie served 14 years as an Administrative Minister at Calvary Chapel.  Lonnie is a warm, welcoming presence when people drop in. He found a real ministry in being the first face of Calvary Chapel on a day-to-day basis. Lonnie and Myra add their smiles, wisdom, and unconditional love to so many lives at Calvary Chapel. 

Mr. and Mrs. Glor made huge differences in students and fellow staff members lives. They mentored new teachers and made them part of the school family. They loved everyone unconditionally. Teaching was a ministry for them. Myra truly enjoyed having fun with the students, but they knew when it was time to get to work.  She also enjoyed engaging with students early in her career when she was pep club sponsor.  Spending time with them outside of the classroom allowed her a greater opportunity to build relationships with them. She recalls always having good kids that took care of each other and stood up to bullying. Former students recall her always treating them with respect. Mr. and Mrs. Glor enjoy being invited to the various class reunions and getting hugs from the former students they so positively impacted. 

Over their years in education, they have seen many changes include going from doing their own thing in the classroom, to having a written curriculum, and later constantly having to revise it. Advancements in technology also changed over the years, from having a TV/VCR, to teaching teachers to use a computer, to frequent use of computers.  They are glad they retired before cell phones were allowed in school. Lonnie enjoyed so much seeing kids develop artistic skills for personal enjoyment, becoming art teachers, or going to work for an organization such as Disney.  They still feel all kids need mentors and do want to be directed on the path of life, whether they admit it or not. Students need to feel safe in the classroom and feel equally important, regardless of ability or socio-economic status. Everyone wants to feel they belong. 

Mr. and Mrs. Glor are also parents and grandparents. They have of two sons, Justin and wife Melissa of Buffalo, and Grant of Republic, who are also Buffalo graduates, and have two grandchildren.  

The Glors' commitment to the success of their students and their dedication to education and the school district, sets them apart as exceptional educators.