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Roy and Ollie Scott

Roy Clark


Ollie Clark


Roy and Ollie Clark, Exceptional Educators Inducted 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Scott were both highly respected and dedicated teachers.  Mr. Scott had a teaching career of 50 years in Dallas County Schools, ending his career as a Business and Driver's Education teacher at Buffalo High School. Mr. Scott was also a farmer and dedicated Free Mason..   Mrs. Scott had an elementary teaching career that lasted over 40 years, during which she taught at Buffalo Elementary School, Benton Branch, London Smoke and Windyville schools.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Scott were graduates of Windyville High School and both earned Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield.  Upon their deaths, the Scott's left a sizable contribution to the Dallas County R-I School District.  In fact it is the largest scholarship fund maintained by the school district.  The money left to our school districts by the Scott family was used to establish the Roy. W. Scott Memorial Scholarship which continues to help graduates of Buffalo High School as they pursue a college education. Because of the size of this scholarship fund, the Scott Scholarship will be awarded to graduates of Buffalo High School for decades into the future.  Roy Scott had died over 30 years prior to his induction into the Hall of Fame and Ollie Scott had passed on nearly 20 years prior to her induction.   Their only child, Roy Richard Scott preceded them in death and they had no other direct decedents.  It is a tribute to the Scotts that their former students would remember them and pay tribute to them, decades after their deaths, by selecting them for admission into the Dallas County Schools Hall of Fame as Exceptional Educators.