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Foster Family and Student Resources

Dallas County R-I Schools

Foster Care Liaison – District Social Worker

The School District works with the local, regional, and state agencies that provide services to students and families in the foster care system.  We collaborate with families to ensure we are meeting the educational needs of our students.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of the District Liaison/Point of Contact may include:

  • Coordinating with the corresponding child welfare agency on the implementation of the Title I provisions;
  • Leading the development of a process for making the best interest determination;
  • Facilitating the transfer of records and immediate enrollment;
  • Facilitating data sharing with the child welfare agencies, consistent with FERPA and other privacy protocols;
  • Developing and coordinating local transportation procedures;
  • Managing best interest determinations and transportation costs disputes;
  • Ensuring that children in foster care are enrolled in and regularly attending school; and
  • Providing professional development and training to school staff on the Title I provisions and educational needs of children in foster care, as needed.

State of MO goal: The Title I foster care provisions emphasize the importance of collaboration between child welfare and educational agencies to ensure educational stability and improved outcomes for children in foster care.

Our local goal is to support the families providing foster homes to students and to support the students in foster care. We do this by collaborating with the child welfare agencies and directly with families and students.

Resources for Foster Families and Students:

Foster Care Education Bill of Rights

ACT Testing Fee Waiver

MO Reach Program

For further questions or concerns, please contact the District Foster Care Liaison.

District Contact Information:

JulieAnn Jenkins 
417-345-2222 ext. 3139

State Contact Information:

Foster Care Coordinator - 573-751-8280