Welcome to the Bison Wellness Program provided by Capstone Insurers to all consortium schools’ employees. The Wellness Program will begin SEPTEMBER 1. Be sure your device is linked to your MyInertia/Motion Connected account and syncing. 

    This link walks you through almost everything about the Capstone Insurers Wellness Program.


    The Coupon Code is oOSBA17TWO 

    Our District Code is 250-L178E-90B 

    Program Changes

    1. MyIntertia is still building out our scorecard. MyInertia will have a new updated platform.
    2. New App-MC Hub
    3. The Bronze level has changed to 550 points.
    4. There will be a few points available for setting up with myhealthonline and myanthem.
    5. December point challenge now has a minimum number of miles to meet before being eligible for the monthly challenge points.  It isn't a huge amount of miles, but it is more than one.  
    6. Krista Edwards (Capstone wellness coordinator) is working on being able to award points for the number of destinations finished in the amazing race. Not sure if it is possible yet, but we are still collaborating with the tech side.  Current thinking is ten points per, unless you finish the race in its entirety and then you get the 100. Again, this is not set.
    7. We are renaming the "biometric screening" "wellness fair." This way people aren't trying to get double points for their physical.  It is an either or situation, unless you actually get a physical AND do the biometric screening at a wellness fair type event. 

    For New Staff

    1. Click Registration Codes on the above OSBA Wellness web page.  Find your school's code. 250-L178E-90B
    2. Go to myinertia.comand create an account using your school's code. 
    3. Pick a device.  You can use an existing Garmin, Fitbit, or Apple Watch that you already have or you can get a different one.  We have negotiated for some pretty sweet deals through myinertia (Capstone does not sell the devices or make money on them.)  You can visit the wellness outlet either from the OSBA page or the scorecard. The Coupon Code is oOSBA17TWO
    4. LINK YOUR DEVICE TO YOUR MYINERTIA PAGE. This is where things can go awry. It is really easy to do.... YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU DO IT. Sync your device under the Activity Device tab.  The first initial sync can take up to 24 hours.  It usually doesn't, but don't panic for the first day.  If your device says it is synced, just check back next day.  If it has not synced by then, contact Krista Edwards (kedwards@capstoneins.com).  
    5. Sync your devices.  You can either do this with your phone or if your school has a hub (located in most teacher workrooms or cafeterias) you can go there as well.  This needs to be done every few days so that you don't lose info. IF YOU ARE MISSING DAYS OR INFO IN YOUR ACCOUNT please contact Krista Edwards as soon as possible so that it can get fixed. Please do not wait several weeks/months to tell Krista.  More often than not we can get it fixed pretty quickly.
    6. Move your body and WIN!  
    7. Not only are you eligible to earn up to $150 through the wellness program, there are monthly drawings and challenges to win up to $10,000!  While there are several opportunities for points through different avenues, the bulk of the possible points will be through movement. There are six points possible per day, or 60 minutes of activity worth.  This is 1,452 possible points, not to mention the weekly bonus points are another 170.  So lace up those walking shoes and start moving! The program officially starts SEPTEMBER 1st!