• Bison University

    Program Overview
    1.  Bison University is a progarm that prepares high school students for positive college and career experiences.
    2.  Bison University provides opportunities for relevant professional and intellectual experiences.
    3.  Bison University actively engages students in all four years of their high school experience.
    4.  Bison University coursework and college credit will help studnets when they apply to colleges.

    Core Components
    1.  Relevant, rigorous course work
    2.  Dual credit classes
    3.  Articulated college classes throught the Career Center
    4.  Internships
    5.  Job shadowing
    6.  Volunteerism
    7.  Senior capstone project

    Why Enroll in Bison University?
    1.  College savings
    2.  Completion of A+ program
    3.  Opportunities for equivalent of two years of college while still in high school
    4.  Looks great on college applications

    Entrance Critieria
    1.  Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
    2.  Cumluative attendance of 90%
    3.  Completion of a Bison University application

    Prorgram Requirements
    1.  Enrollment in the A+ program
    2.  Volunteerism (community service)-150 hours to be completed by graduation
    3.  Job shadowing-3 experiences completed by the end of the 10th grade.

    Contact Mr. Scott Miller, Director, for more information.
    scott.miller@bisonpride.org, 417-345-2223