• The DA Mallory Reading Buddy Program has been successfully encouraging reading for over 20 years! Just this last year the program provided students an additional 30 hours per week of one-on-one reading time. What an accomplishment! What made the difference? It's a collaboration of many!


       - Teachers are coordinating this enriching program into their weekly schedules. We could not make this work without your support!

       - Volunteers are committed to the program and make time in their week for the students' benefit.

       - The Administration is supportive and cooperative.

       - Students, volunteers and staff give great feedback at the end of the year, which helps reinforce the prgram's effectiveness


    It's almost time for this year's Reading Buddy program to begin! We are coordinating volunteers and, of course, are always looking for senior citizens who are interested in reading with the children from kindergarten to fourth grade. This is such a win-win for everyone.

    Thank you for your support in the past and for all you do to help make this program successful every year. We can't wait to start reading!