• The Dallas County R-1 District, partnering with the Dallas County Historical Society, is currently working to provide members of the community and researchers the opportunity to digitally access records of each individual school district in the county, prior to the consolidation.  What is currently Dallas County R-I School district was at one time, fifty seven independent school districts.  

    We hope that this information will provide not only former students with the ability to view their non-academic records, but also allow others to take a look into our school and the history of Dallas County.  We also feel this information will be valuable to genealogist who are doing research about family members that formerly lived in Dallas County. 
    1924 Buffalo School Photo
    Buffalo Schools, all grades, 1924-1925
    This buildling was destroyed by fire in 1942.  At the time of this photo elementary grades were on the lower floors and Buffalo High School was on the top floor.  You can download a full resolution copy of this photo by clicking here. You can download a list of person included in this photo by clicking here.
    Eberhart School
    (Photo from Reflexions II: A Pictorial History of the People and Communities of Dallas County, James E. Hamilton, Editor.  Published by the Buffalo Reflex 1998.) 
    Historic School Districts of Dallas County, Missouri (In development) 
    (Even prior to reorganization in the 1940's, some smaller school districts were absorbed by neighboring school districts.  We're currently working on identifying all school districts that were once within the county.  We know that some school districts are missing from those listed on the table below from the late 1930's.  The map below the table includes more schools that were once within the county.)
    School District Number Name of School Year of Consolidation & Current School District Records Available?
    1 Buffalo NA/Dallas County R-I Yes
    5 Elixer    
    7 Olive Point    
    8 Urbana ?/Hickory County R-I  
    9 Hyde    
    11 Tunas ?/Dallas County R-I & Hickory County R-I Yes
    12 Leadmine    
    13 Union Victory ?/Dallas County R-I  
    14 Barclay    
    15 Excell    
    16 Hickory Hill    
    19 Booth    
    20 Lone Post    
    23 Louisburg ?/Dallas County R-I Yes
    25 Boodler    
    26 Wood Hill ?/Dallas County R-I  
    27 Willow Springs    
    28 Plad    
    30 Flatwoods    
    32 Windyville ?/Dallas County R-I Yes
    34 Gammon ?/Dallas County R-I  
    38 Cresent ?/Dallas County R-I  
    39 Cowden ?/Dallas County R-I  
    40 White Palace    
    41 Mount View    
    42 Benton Branch    
    43 London Smoke ?/Dallas County R-I Yes
    44 Cedar Ridge    
    45 North View    
    46 Long Lane ?/Dallas County R-I Yes
    47 Four Mile    
    48 Cloverdale    
    49 Engle    
    50 Olive Branch ?/Dallas County R-I  
    51 Reynolds ?/Dallas County R-  
    52 Kelly    
    53 Prairie View    
    54 Macedonia    
    55 Chicago-New Liberty    
    56 Olive Leaf    
    57 Pattersonville    
    58 Cheek    
    59 Walnut Grove    
    60 Brushy Ridge    
    61 Latimer    
    62 South View    
    63 Handley    
    67 Flint Ridge    
    68 Church Grove    
    70 Glady Springs    
    71 Oak Hill    
    72 Mt. Harmony ?/Dallas County R-I Yes
    1939-40 Mt. Harmony Beginning Year Report
    1939-40 Mt. Harmony Roster
    1039-40 Mt. Harmony End Year Report
    74 Charity    
    77 Graves    
    78 Shady Grove    
    79 Olive    
    80 Hasten    
    81 New Garden ?/Fair Grove  
    82 Goss ?/Fair Grove  
    84 Oak Summit  


    Dallas County Schools District Map

    (Map taken from Reflexions II: A Pictorial History of the People and Communities of Dallas County, James E. Hamilton, Editor.  Published by the Buffalo Reflex 1998.)