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2024 Graduation

Welcome to our LIVE resources page. While we try to stay as consistent as possible, various factors are involved in providing live coverage of Bison Events. Some factors are beyond our control and limit our ability to provide coverage on Hudl, our main live-streaming platform. We have created this page to help you have one place to find our live feed regardless of what platform it's streaming on. Our Football stadium and Field house have permanently installed Hudl cameras. Hudl TV is the place for home game coverage. In addition to our home games, Hudl will show the video feed of our opponents if we are playing against another school using the Hudl system. Opponent coverage will focus on their team, but the stream is available to both teams. Finally, KBSN-DB internet radio will provide BISON coverage of Varsity Football for both home and away games. KBSN's primary coverage is audio only, but will provide video coverage when possible. 


Wanna watch Bison Hudl Feeds on your smart TV? Download the T1 sports app. Search for Buffalo High School. 
Click Here for more details. 


Hudl TV

KBSN BISON Internet Radio

For audio coverage of past games visit the KBSN-DB website.