• Athletic Director-Mr. Tom Stokes
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    BPMS Activities Assistant-Mrs. Dana Henderson
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    Ozark Highlands Conference
    Buffalo High School is a cooperating member of the Ozark Highlands Conference , and as a member is committed to adhere to rules and regulations of the conference. Presently there are six member schools that are as follows: Buffalo, Butler, El Dorado Springs, Sherwood, and Warsaw.

    Student Insurance Program
    District policy requires all students participating in extra-curricular activities to provide proof of health insurance.  For those students who do not have health insurance, the school district has parterned with an outside insurance provider who will provide families with insurance coverage for a fee.  Even if families have health insurance, they may be interested in looking at this policy to help with deductibles and copays.  Accident plans are available for:  at-school accidents only, 24-hour accident only, extended dental, and football coverage.  Families can enroll in this insurance program online at KK Insurance and clicking on the Enroll Now button.  During enrollment please use "Dallas County" in school district title to find our school district rates. 
    Interscholastic Youth Sports Brain Injury Report
    Harvey Richards, Associate Executive Director, MSHSAA
    Subject: House Bill 300: 2012-13 Annual Interscholastic Head Injury Report
    Please note that per HB 300 regulations, MSHSAA has released the first annual Interscholastic Youth Sports Brain Injury Report regarding the impact of student athlete concussions and head injuries and the efforts that have been made to minimize damages from school sports injuries on the MSHSAA website. This report is located by going to www.mshsaa.org and then going to the SPORTS