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SkillsUSA District Winners

Congratulations to all of our competitors that placed at SkillsUSA Districts and of course to everyone that participated and did their very best. Pictured are most of the Medal Winners and Our Straight to State Competitors.

Graphic Arts - Anna Scott - 1st Place Screen Printing and 3rd Place SkillsUSA Knowledge
Cody Leonard - 1st Place Customer Service and 3rd Place Spelling
Gracie Peterson - 3rd Place Promotional Bulletin Board and 2nd Place SkillsUSA Knowledge
Sophie Gann - 1st Place Spelling and 3rd Place Promotional Bulletin Board 
Mica Mitcham - 2nd Place - Branding Design 
Haley Williams - 1st Place Leadership Essay
Shelby Massare - 3rd Place Pin Design
Kaleb Pitt - 3rd Place Promotional Bulletin Board
Robert Hoskins - 2nd Place SkillsUSA Knowledge

Health Sciences - Kayla Tyler - 3rd Job Skill Demo A
Cicily Moriarty, Emily Schutte, Britton Schwanke, and Katherine Christopher - 3rd Place Health Knowledge Bowl

Computer Science - Zane Tindle - 3rd Job Skill Demo O

Automotive Service - Josh Vann Ausdle - 3rd- Prepared Speech

Collision Repair - Heath Jasper - Automotive Refinishing

Criminal Justice - Tylor Brashear - 1st Place -Criminal Justice Techincal Information, Kendra Summers - 2nd Place -Criminal Justice Techincal Information, and - Breanna Blumm - 3rd Place -Criminal Justice Techincal Information

Welding - Emily McDougal - 1st Place - Welding, and Floyd Miller - 3rd Place Welding and 1st Place - Welding Tech Info., Wyatt Monday - 2nd Place - Welding Tech Info., and William Gash and Brandon Griffin - 3rd Place - Welding Tech Info.

Teacher Prep. - Justin Bowling - 1st Place - SkillsUSA Knowledge.


Student photo


Student photo


Student photo