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Placeworks Mural (BPMS)

     Mrs. Lisa Reeves’ 7th grade English Language Arts classes, along with teaching artists Cory Leick and Katherine Botts, completed a poetry mural, which was installed at BPMS.  The three-month project was made possible through a Placeworks grant written by Mrs. Reeves.  Placeworks  grants provide unique arts experiences for teachers and students in rural schools at no cost to the district and works in partnership with the Springfield Art Museum and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, with funding from the Louis L. and Julia Dorothy Coover Charitable Foundation managed by the Commerce Trust Company.

     The students wrote poetry and selected their favorite lines or stanzas.  The writings were printed on colorful paper and adhered to canvas strips that they had painted.  Student photos, illustrations, and embellishments were added to the strips, and they were woven through metal fencing.  This was then installed in a wave-like pattern, creating the mural.  Feel free to come by BPMS and see it!

One wall