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Transportation Department Earns 100%

On February 11th, the transportation department underwent its annual Missouri Highway Patrol School Bus Inspection.  There were 35 school buses that went through the inspection and all buses passed with a 100% score. There are approximately 184 items to be checked on a school bus, so there were 6440 items passed on bus inspection day for a score of 100%!

The transportation department is constantly monitoring buses safety equipment in their day to day operations.  However, they work diligently to make sure that everything is still in excellent shape for the bus inspection, especially when dealing with the weather that we have in our area.  Buses are gone through several times and cleaned inside and out.  Many staff members work very hard to get the best score possible. Terry Gentry serves the department as the district mechanic. The transportation department director is Dianna Cowden, who has served in this role for 15 years and worked in district previously as a bus driver for 8 years. The district also employees 50 individuals who serve as bus drivers, bus aides, or substitute bus drivers and aides.