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Melton Selected as Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Nurse Teresa Melton for being selected as the 2022 DCR1 Employee of the Year. She takes care of an average of 100 children per day. She communicates clearly with parents about health issues and concerns for their children. She makes recommendations for their care. She has had the most challenging job during and since the pandemic started in 2019. Not only did she take care of the daily student health needs at Mallory Elementary but she spent many, many hours Covid testing students and staff, contacting parents, contact tracing, contacting those parents.  She worked countless evenings and weekends away from her family to ensure the contact lists were updated for Monday mornings. Nurse Melton received three nominations for the honor of Employee of the Year. They submitted the following comments: She is caring and kind. Having a solid and committed school nurse is absolute GOLD.” “She has gone above and beyond to make sure the school has run smoothly through the pandemic. She continuously puts her duties as health services director above all else.” She has endured more than any person at her job and takes it all in stride.”