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Thiesen Selected Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Lisa Thiesen for being selected as the 2022 DCR1 Teacher of the  Year.  She has been teaching in the school district for 25 years. She serves as the librarian and media specialist at Mallory Elementary. Lisa goes above and beyond her “required” duties. She is a mentor to students and adults that need the extra attention. She can pick out the students that need support and will take personal time out of her day to give them what they need to succeed. She is a true team player.  She was nominated by Paula Clemmons. Paula shared a story recently when Mallory had a substitute administrator for the day. The administrator was having trouble with the children at bus duty. Lisa noticed her struggling and got out of her vehicle and helped get the situation back under control. Lisa was done with her day but did not leave until everything was handled and the children were safe. This is the type of person she is every day.  Mrs. Thiesen will be nominated by the school district to complete for the Missouri Teacher of the Year.