DCTC Offers New Program: Teacher Preparation

DCTC Offers New Program:  Teacher Preparation
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recognizes the importance of ‘growing your own’ teachers. Dallas County Technical Center is proud to announce the addition of a new program titled Teacher Preparation starting with the 2018-2019 school year. This course is designed as a one-year course for juniors or seniors interested in the field of education. Students with a desire to teach any grade or subject are encouraged to enroll in the Teacher Prep class. This class will offer A+ tutoring hours, cadet teaching, and dual credit opportunities and students will be able to earn an industry-recognized credential at the completion of the course. DCTC is also happy to announce the addition of a full-time counselor for next school year and look forward to the college and career assistance unique to the CTE counselor role. There are many opportunities afforded to students who enroll in a class at DCTC and we pride ourselves on preparing students for success after high school graduation, whether students pursue college or start a career. Future goals include adding additional programs for students and building a new DCTC, which would allow for hourly classes as well as block classes in closer proximity to Buffalo High School.