Transportation Reminders

Transportation Reminders
DCR1 Transportation Director Dianna Cowden, would like to remind parents of a few things to keep in mind when they are enrolling students online.

  • Be sure to know and enter your full address, as it appears on official letters, etc. This will ensure the transportation department will know exactly where your child is located.
  • Be sure to mark the box stating whether the child will be a bus rider or not during registration.
  • We do not pick up or drop off at a student's house in town. There are designated pickup and drop off points, intersections, end of streets, etc.
  • The district strictly enforces the policy that all students in second grad and younger must have a parent visible at the drop off in the afternoon. No child will be dropped off if a parent is not visible at the stop. They will be taken back to Mallory Elementary School.
  • The transportation director will be at Mallory Elementary Open House to answer transportation questions, August 20, 6-8 p.m.
  • The transportation department phone number is 417-345-2899.
  • Finally, it is a law to stop for school buses when read lights are flashing.

Let's keep kids safe.