Virtual Student Chromebook Return Information

Virtual Student Chromebook Return Information
The Tech Department will be available for virtual learning students/parents to drop off their devices at the Central Office on Tuesday, May 25th from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. The Chromebook should have ALL personalized items REMOVED such as stickers and photos added to the exterior of the device.

Additional information for Device Return

  • The Chromebook should have ALL personalized items REMOVED. This includes stickers on the Chromebook or Chromebook case. This also includes any photos or any other item adhered to/or slipped beneath the case. DO NOT USE FINGERNAIL POLISH REMOVER(ACETONE) or other harsh chemicals on the devices or cases.

  • Repairable damage is covered by a protection plan on student devices. Students will be using the same Chromebook next school year.  It is to the student's advantage to report issues with their Chromebooks now so they can be ready for the next school year.

  • At the beginning of the year, students were provided a Chromebook, charger, and case. We expect each student to return all these items in working order on May 25th. Students will be responsible for replacing lost devices, cases, chargers, and devices damaged beyond repair, as determined by the Technology Director.

  • The cost of replacement items is below. 
    • $300.00 Chromebook replacement
    • $30.00 Charger replacement
    • $21.00 Case replacement

  • Chargers and Cases can be purchased at the online Bison Store under Technology Supplies.

If your child will not be present on the return date please contact your child’s building office to schedule another return date as soon as possible. Have a good evening from the home of the Bison Pride.

Thank you, Racheal Simpson, Dallas County R-1 School District Technology Office