21st CCLC Before and After School Programming

DCR1 to Continue Offering Free Before and After School Programming provided by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant

Bison Academy is a before and after school program offered at BPMS for grades 5th-8th grade. Before school begins at 6:45 am and ends at 7:45 am when the

School building opens. After school begins directly after school and ends at 6:05 pm

Mallory Mornings is a before school program at DA Mallory offered to grades K-4. Program begins at 6:45 am and ends at 7:45 when the school building opens. 

Prime time is an after school program at Da Mallory and is offered to grades K-4. This program is contracted by the Dallas County YMCA and registration must be done through the YMCA. This programming begins directly after school

Until 6:10 pm. 

After school transportation is provided at 6 pm at select stops for those that need this service. 

All programming is free. Registration may be done at the perspective school building, YMCA and/or forms can be found online on bisonpride.org. 

Email or call Jana Salaki, Program Director with any questions at 417-345-2350 ext 101 or Jana.salaki@bisonpride.org