Drive-Up WiFi

We have created a new WiFi network named DCR1-BisonStrong this network should be available from the parking lots at Buffalo High School, Buffalo Prairie Middle School, and Mallory Elementary. This network will allow the connection of personal devices. The intended purpose of this network is to access educational resources. Users wishing to join this network must agree to our acceptable use policy. Access will be granted in 4 hour time periods. At the 3 hours and 45-minute mark, users will receive a 15-minute disconnect countdown. At the 4 hour mark, users will be disconnected at this time they will need to reconnect and once again agree to the acceptable use agreement to re-establish the connection. 

Students using school-issued Chromebooks should also have drive-up connectivity to the normal DCR1-CBook network. Their device should automatically connect and will remain connected as long as their Chromebook is in range of the school's network